XMW Consulting provides services in the areas of data science, statistical analysis and software engineering, specializing in the development of models, algorithms and production-strength applications with MATLAB.

Its founder, Sam Roberts, has over fifteen years of experience (including seven as a consultant at MathWorks, makers of MATLAB) applying these methods to help a wide range of clients from the pharmaceutical, energy, finance, aerospace, Formula 1, food, consumer goods, petrochemical and retail sectors.

The long-term trend toward availability of large-scale computational power has enabled industries such as these to easily collect an exponentially increasing amount of data; but clear analysis, visualization, interpretation and communication remain as challenging as they have ever been.

Indeed, recent advances in statistics, machine learning, data mining and parallel computing have introduced so many new methods that the complexity of choosing and applying appropriate techniques has been exacerbated.

In addition, algorithms and models — however accurate — are of no value if they cannot be effectively deployed and integrated into production within the constraints imposed by business and IT realities: scalability, usability, availability, reliability, performance, auditability — and of course, cost.

The services offered by XMW Consulting aim to guide the client through the maze of possibilities, providing clear, comprehensible advice to cut through the confusion.

From data to interpretable, actionable understanding

From algorithms to robust, production-strength applications